Animated Artistic Ecards - A Dynamically Growing Category For Web Greetings

The world of electronic greeting cards, or ecards, and more specifically creative animated ecards, provides among the most vibrant examples possible of the power that the Internet possesses to change for the much better the method all of us live. They harness the special capability of the around the world web to improve the quality of our lives and relationships on a really human level.

Many people will likely recognize with ecards through the websites of the long time major gamers in the paper-and-ink greeting cards business, Hallmark and American Greetings. Both businesses' websites supply an incomparably large option of electronic corporate holiday ecards , actually thousands in a wide range of subjects and styles, which can at first produce the kind of overwhelmed feeling you get upon going into a brick-and-mortar card store. If you're looking for a card to email for a special occasion like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, or a liked one's birthday, you might well invest more time than you 'd like just clicking and tasting.

Such efforts can lead to genuinely artistic results. Witness "Angels We Have Heard" from American Greetings (likewise available through the website of Blue Mountain, which the company acquired in 2001). As we hear a children's choir sing the standard carol of that title, a brilliant star descends from the night sky and brightens an evergreen, streetlights, churches, and homes in a traditional wintry town, then increases back into the heavens to end up being the idea of a wand held by a lovely angel.

Yes, it's lovely. Many of the huge card companies' offerings can have the slightly homogenized mass-market feeling of the printed welcoming cards you encounter once more and again in real-world stores. Additionally, while these significant players provide numerous complimentary ecards, the best frequently cost money to send out: a $13.99 yearly membership with American Greetings, or $1.99 each from Hallmark.

Ecard senders who want a more moving experience for their dollars have actually produced a special specific niche for stylish, boutique-style websites that express the singular sensibilities of true creative souls. That was exactly what occurred with British artist Jacquie Lawson, who developed one animated ecard to send out to buddies back in December 2000 and saw the extremely positive response develop into a multi-million-dollar business with hundreds of countless paying members. The most popular and prolific of the 100 or two Jacquie Lawson choices are those featuring Chudleigh, the artist's adorable Chocolate Labrador-Springer Spaniel crossbreed, who cheerfully scampers through a snowy country scene in the Christmas-themed "White Winter" or discovers real love with a Yellow Labrador in the Valentine "Friends Forever.".

Her site currently provides more than two lots different artistic animated ecards, with the choice growing by an average of 2 per month. A yearly subscription of $10 (or a bargain $15 for two years) supplies limitless access to personalize and send the cards .